Dear Homeowners

17th March 2020

In light of the escalating circumstances that surround the COVID-19 virus, Millstream Management Services thought it would be helpful to pull together some FAQ's to help any questions you may have.

Here at Millstream Management Services, we recognise the vulnerability of our Owners in respect of this virus, and we want to do all that we can to help protect you, and help manage the situation if the need arises.

However, we must remind you that we are your management company and it is not our responsibility to provide any form of care service if you become ill or feel the need to self-isolate. The responsibility for your own personal care has to fall on you and your family or friends, and if required social services along with other healthcare professionals.

While the content of the FAQ's are not legally enforceable, in the interest of trying to protect everybody's wellbeing, we would be most grateful if you could pay close attention to the advice given. If we are all conscious of the risks and preventative measures that we can all take, hopefully this will drastically reduce the long-term effects of this nasty virus for everyone.

Yours sincerely,
Tammie Dunford
Operations Manager

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